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O Growth Labs takes your healthy Ecommerce brand and turns it into an industry leading player, by helping you smash through $50,000 – $100,000+ in Monthly Revenue. It also takes us less time to do that than it takes your typical agency to burn your Ad Spend.

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The Problem

99% of Ecommerce businesses lack understanding of how to reach their revenue goals, and what it takes to get there. 

So many founders still think that ROAS is the metric that will give them the growth they want.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.


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The Solution

At O Growth Labs we understood this issue and we started solving around this unknown: how could we help our clients hit their goals and take them beyond that? 

Regardless of industry, niche, type of customers, type of products or industry saturation.

This is when our Project Growth System was born: from the ashes of the old ways of marketing.

Our Project Growth System was battle tested and proven to work for over 30 brands in 10+ industries.

Project Growth focuses on creating your own unicorn offer, promoting that offer across all relevant channels and building you the backend infrastructure to retain your customers forever.

That way you don’t rely on one single channel.

No more praying that Meta, IOS14 & the economy spare you this month.




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Here’s How It Works

Phase 1: Lightning Fast Onboarding

Gone are the days of you having to follow up with the service provider you just paid thousands of dollars to check what the next steps are. We do things differently. As soon as we get you in, you’re onboarded in under 60 minutes. All next steps are laid out perfectly in a meticulous roadmap custom built for you.

Phase 2: Foundations - Product-Market Fit & Research

This phase starts right after your onboarding. Not one second is lost. We want to provide you with frameworks and worksheets to uncover your customers’ deepest secrets, fears and pain points. These frameworks have been battle tested on over 40+ businesses before you. With this phase completed, we now have all the ammunition to craft lethal assets to take your brand to the next level. Ads, Emails, Organic Posts, Website copy, everything is based on this specific phase. You understand the importance of it.

Phase 3: Organic Marketing

If your brand was a rocketship then your Organic Marketing would be the engine. Without it, you are doomed to stagnate and lose momentum. We, at O Growth Labs, have understood that and as soon as our clients understand it, they see exponential growth like they never imagined was possible. Some of our clients are growing 100% MoM through leveraging our Organic Marketing frameworks on Instagram & TikTok.

Phase 4: Paid Advertising

Once you have your engine up and running, it’s time to light up the fuse and inject it with Jet Fuel. Paid Advertising is the turbo that will unlock millions of eyeballs wherever your customers are. The key concept here is to properly set up your Paid Marketing efforts to scale profitably. We will build you bulletproof campaigns that get you sales every single day profitably. When done properly with our help, this is where you unlock ridiculous scale for your brand.

Phase 5: Retention Marketing

In phase 5 we want to build what glues everything together. You’re now acquiring customers left, right and center but if you can’t retain them for life, then your LTV:CAC ratio won’t be well optimized and won’t enable you to scale. Here, we will build you the infrastructure 7 & 8 figures brands are leveraging every single day to retain their customers for as long as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Done-With-You pricing doesn’t have any expensive monthly retainers, long term contract or any Agency BS. The best way for us to help you is to first get an understanding on your business and what you’re trying to do, then based on that we can share with you the aspects of what we do which would be relevant and useful to scaling your brand.

We’ve successfully advertised globally in over 10 industries. Our Project Growth System is a system that can be plugged into your ecosystem as easily as you plug in a USB cable into your computer. If we see that your business is a great fit then you can be certain our system will work for you, regardless of industry.

Yes we do! Feel free to check out our case study page, or even better, go watch our new Case Study video where we go over how our framework works.

We don’t charge you a retainer. Ever. We don’t lock you up in long term contracts. And we love numbers. We couldn’t care less about vanity metrics. All we care about is the additional 0s we can add to your bottom line revenue. Our Engineering background puts us in a unique situation where we leave no room for emotion or guesswork.

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Consistent, Predictable and Profitable Results

At O Growth Labs we understood that ROAS is a flawed metric that is outdated and dangerous to base business decisions on. 

This is why we started solving for this unknown: how could we help our clients become omnipresent, grow their revenue aggressively but still maintain that growth over time? 

This is when our Project Growth System was born: from the ashes of the old ways of marketing.